Daylesford Days

My mum was having a quiet few days in Daylesford over the weekend. Well we couldn’t have that could we? So I threw together about five hundred bags of stuff and the contents of our fridge and off I went with the kids to spoil that peace… sorry Mum!

Day One.

We unloaded the contents of the car into Mum’s lovely, tidy apartment (not for long) and the kids immediately demanded Nanny play Monopoly with them. Aaaaand we’ve arrived. Once we’d settled in we headed down to Lake Daylesford specifically to the playground near ‘The Boathouse.’ You can hire pedal boats here but with more children than adults we were not game to attempt that! The ducks and playground were sufficient entertainment for a good hour and a half and even then we had to drag the kids away.

The apartment! This room above had a fantastic huge spa in the adjoining ensuite… the kids who usually whinge about having a bath requested one each night.

This print was a great source of amusement. The kids dubbed it ‘the pooing clown’ (sorry… six and eight year old humour is questionable).

Me accidentally matching the apartment decor.

Day Two.

Our accommodation was just up the road from the newly refurbished Daylesford Skate park. The kids spyed it on the way in and couldn’t stop talking about it. We’d had a little play there on day one and were back at it in the morning on our second day!

We stayed until lunch time then hit up the bakery in the main street for sausage rolls and sweet treats. There are two bakeries but the one next to the fish and chip shop had way yummier treats!

A quick look in some of the local vintage and gift shops then it was back to the apartment for an afternoon of board games and basking in the sun on the deck until dinner when we went to the delicious Galley Diner for early dinner.

So many hours spent at this skate park!

A little souvenir from a giant lilac bush we walked past.

An old school fairy cake.

Oreo thickshake at Galley Diner. I ordered this for myself which was wishful thinking.

Slide at the playground next to the skate park.

Rainbow crochet hats and felt fairies from the gift shop called ‘Upstairs’.

The amazing staircase at the ‘Upstairs’ shop.

Day Three.

Time to pack up and go home but not before a visit to the gorgeous Wombat Hill botanic gardens. We drove around and then parked at the lookout tower. This was such fun for the kids to climb, it’s just like a lighthouse and something they’ve never really seen before. Eva enjoyed counting the steps….97 in total! Then to the cafe just near the tower for a well-earned gingerbread biscuit and drink.

After we checked out of the apartment we had a final visit to our duck friends at the lake before heading home. I’ll leave out the part where Tissy’s window wouldn’t wind up so we had to glad wrap the window to get home without getting blown away going 110km on the freeway. Always an adventure. Ha ha. Thanks for reading!

The Wombat Hill botanic gardens cafe.

The fernery at Wombat Hill.

Climbing the lookout tower.

‘Fishing’ at Lake Daylesford.

Bee watching in the gardens.

Picking daisies by the lake.

More ‘fishing’ with fallen willow tree branches! Hours of amusement!

Quick stop at my favourite little town hall in Glenlyon. Dying to visit the Glenlyon General Store but it was closed on a Tuesday when we were passing through.

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