Torquay Time!

We just spent four nights in the gorgeous not-so-small coastal town of Torquay. We had little choice in destinations because I left booking this long weekend camping trip waaaay too late and this was one of the only camping spots I could find but sometimes lack of choice isn’t a bad thing… this was the perfect choice! I’ve spent a good bit of time in this part of the world but long before kids… it’s so much fun exploring a place from their point of view. Torquay did not disappoint. Tissy said he wanted to stay forever. We were kind of thinking the same. Hard to resist the call of that stunning turquoise ocean.

All set up on day one!

First stop… test out the jumping pillow while their dad finishes setting up!

Shared bathroom life!

Epic foreshore playground!

Rainbow gelati time!

A fresh morning at Cosy Corner beach finding beach treasure.

The kids were convinced these were dinosaur fossils!

We spent so many hours at this awesome skate park and playground near the council offices.

We spent two days at the surf beach…

The pool at our caravan park!

A quick stop at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie on our way home… they had a great new chicken house with gorgeous Silkie Bantam chooks, a huge sandpit and grassed area and an expansive veggie garden to explore. The kids remembered the free scoops of chocolate buds from the last time we visited before we’d even turned into the driveway!

No trip is complete without a trip to the icecream store! Thanks for having us Torquay.

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