Make a Hanging Rainbow

Another day another craft project! Today we made a rainbow mobile. We were intending to use cardboard but then I remembered that we had some lightweight MDF board left over from our dolls house protect. This would be just as effective with cardboard though! I didn’t take many process photos unfortunately but we simply drew the rainbow onto the board using the string and pencil technique to get perfect semi circles (tie a piece of string around a pencil and use your finger to anchor the string while you pull the string taught and draw an arch) but you could just as easily do it freehand. Then cut out all the rainbow pieces (we used a jigsaw but scissors would do if you’re using card), paint in desired colours and punch two holes in the centre of each arch through which you will thread your string (see pics). Seperately tie each arch together and they will independently move around with the breeze as they hang! Have fun!

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