Another lockdown birthday! Tissy is 7…

This is our second birthday celebration in lockdown so we are becoming quite the professionals. A perk of having three kids is that it’s an instant party! Tissy told me when I tucked him in that he had the best birthday ever. Two isolation birthdays down and hopefully only one more to go but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in 2020 it’s not to make any plans! If it’s all five birthdays in isolation well then so be it!We had a space-themed chocolate cake with blue buttercream icing, green alien slime (white choc ganache with green food dye) and made some cake toppers using my cookie recipe (see earlier post) with skewers inserted before baking them!My message to Christian:SEVEN! Could it really be true? Seven whole years of you? Christian how we all adore you. You have taken this turbulent year in your stride. You’ve found a new love of school, grown your friendship circle and continue to show us what an incredibly kind, caring and gentle soul you are. You like a slow pace. Your dream day is staying in your pyjamas and playing with Lego. Your sisters love you so much and you patiently play barbies and make believe games with them when you’d rather play monster trucks… But I never hear you complain. If I had to find one word to sum you up it would be HEAVEN… because you truly are 💫

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