Warm Fuzzy Feedback…

“Thank you so much for coming to meet us. You’re as lovely as I knew you would be! You made us feel so comfortable and Bobbi was your fan.
I’ve only looked at a few of these and am already sooooo happy. Thank you. You’re so talented.” Jodie, Family Shoot, June 2020

I’m looking forward to publishing these, our followers always love your content!” Lisa, T2 Tea, March 2021

“Hi Nina! I should ket you know that grandma went nuts for the photos and they have been widely circulated throughout Taiwan!” Rina, Family Shoot, March 2021

“Thank you so much for yesterday Nina! Your energy and relaxed nature was perfect for my strange family who normally hates photos!!! It was actually fun! Can’t wait to do it again soon.” Lucy, Family Shoot, November 2020

“Thank you for making Sunday such a memorable day for us all. In addition to your expertise, the consensus between (my family and I) is that you are such a delightful person.” Rod, Family Shoot, November 2020

“OMG Nina you and your little ones are SUPERSTARS! Thank you so much for the photos.” B.Box April 2020

“We just wanted to reach out again to say thank you for our recent Onward collaboration! We loved your post.” Happy Socks, March 2020

“Thanks again Nina, so refreshing to work with someone who just gets it and delivers,” Ashlee, French Soda Outdoor Wear, Feb 2020

“Stunning!” B.Box for Kids, March 2020

“You are very good at this! I love them, I am very happy.” Silvia, Menorca Sandals, March 2020

“Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos. Too cute!!!” Natasha, make Me Iconic, Feb 2020

“Thank you so much for doing justice to my designs! Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Nina.” Avanti, Oomph and Floss, Sept 2019

“Oh I love them, they’re so great. What a talented lady you are!” Ana, Martha Jean Studio, June 2019

“Wow that photo is perfection!!!!”, Helen, Baby Goes Retro, Feb 2018

“I’m dead these are amazing, thanks soooo much!” Narin, My Hidden Forest, Aug 2018

“Thank you, love these colours they are so great, you’re so talented!” Lou, Honey and Co Club, Oct 2017