Two Nights in The Nuthouse…

I booked a mini break down the coast to Flinders on a whim when I was having a rough ‘down’ day in lockdown pretty much assuming we wouldn’t be going but just to have something to look forward to. When it was announced a couple of weeks ago that we would be allowed to travel to regional Victoria on the very day we had randomly booked I couldn’t believe our luck. Then to find out we’d be getting three days of perfect weather… mind blown!

This last couple of days have been truly magical. Absolutely and deeply soul restoring. I haven’t felt so light and happy for such a long time. It was such a joy to see the kids have such a wonderful time too.

Okay so allow me to introduce you to our digs for the last three days. Behold the retro wonder and mid-century perfection that is The Flinders Nuthouse. Within thirty seconds of arriving the kids declared it to be the best house ever. Our three year old Mimi went to sleep on the first night saying she loved ‘our new house’ and ‘will we be staying here forever’? I have to say I truly wish I could have said yes. It absolutely felt like home.

The house was given it’s quirky name because of this awesome stained glass window in the front door!

Mimi making herself at home, heading out the front to play ball in her pyjamas.

The swing got a solid workout.

Front door perfection.

Cute stuff on every wall.

Absolute bathroom goals.

Our first of quite a few glasses of Aperol Spritz consumed during our stay. I blame the beautiful warm weather we had!

The kids adored their bedroom. So many treasures.

Mimi in three year old paradise.

Drop dead fabulous entrance situation.

Kitchen details.

Mimi became quite attached to all of the flamingos around the garden!

Oh the bathroom. So good.

The view from our bed.

Day one.

We arrived just in time for lunch. I packed enough food to last three times as long as we were staying, so getting us something to eat didn’t prove to be a problem. After the kids explored every corner of this amazing house (I kept hearing them say ‘Mum, look at this,’ for a good half an hour) and us big kids unpacked the car we set off for a play at the beach beside Flinders pier. After that it was back to the house because we were all keen to settle in there and explore the games cupboard.

Testing out their new sand brick maker.

Fun beachcombing at Flinders Beach.

Waiting for their dinner.

Spritz O’clock.

Mimi unpacking her books.

Finding quirky treasures around every corner, even in the toilet!

This little keyboard was a favourite of the big kids. They even learnt some new tunes!

Just me, standing in the bathroom of my dreams.

Day Two.

Adventure time. It was a stunning warm day so we hit the road and set up for the morning at Blairgowrie front beach. We literally had it to ourselves apart from the occasional person waking their dog along the beach. Then we had sausage rolls and icecream for lunch in Sorrento and stopped at Spray Point at the back beach in Blairgowrie on our way back to The Nuthouse.

A slice of paradise all to ourselves!

Blairgowrie beachboxes and four very happy beach-goers.

Icecream in Sorrento!

Watching the impressive, powerful sea surge onto the rocks from Spray Point.

Spray Point walk.

Back home for an afternoon of fun on the front lawn. We played Finska until bedtime!

Happy parents! Watching the kids on the lawn while we enjoyed a cool drink.

Day Three (our last day)

We had a slow morning with a sleep in and breakfast at the house then went into town to have a play at the awesome playground in the main street of Flinders. Then we had icecream and coffee at the Chocolaterie and the kids chose a little souvenir from the Flinders General Store. After that it was back home to pack up while the kids had a last play in their room and run out on the lawn. Mimi burst into tears when it came time to lock up the house. She was convinced we’d be staying there forever. I reassured her by saying that we will DEFINITELY be back. Jamie, Annie and Dot were wonderful hosts. We found their house through the Riparide holiday website. We can’t wait to stay again soon!

Last cuppa.

Fun at the playground.

Another day, another icecream.

Below is the link if you’d like to have a look at the accommodation. This is not sponsored in any way I just like sharing holiday ideas!