Interview with Obus for International Women’s Day…

What an absolute honour to be featured on the Obus Clothing blog for International Women’s Day. I feel totally undeserving with all the amazing women around the world doing incredible things but at the same time I’m doing my best to play a small part in raising the next generation of humans that will change the world and hopefully equality (not just for women but all humans) won’t even be a second thought but simply normality. Please find the interview below: (or here

Colourful content creator, mother and maverick Nina aka @Nina.C.Sees talks to us about finding beauty in the world, and the importance of saying “no” sometimes in order to have the right work/life balance.

How did you get started in content creation?

“It was by accident really. I stumbled across Instagram deep in the exhausting and sometimes lonely depths of parenting young children. My Instagram page became my creative outlet and a way of feeling connected to the outside world. I found it really inspiring to connect with and follow so many clever and creative people on the platform. Over time businesses started reaching out to me and asking if I could create content for them in my colourful style. I have now worked with countless brands both big and small, both domestic and international, and I can’t get enough. I am brimming with ideas. I see the world in pictures. There is so much beauty around if you look for it.”

When it comes to achieving a work/life balance what is your strategy?

“I’m getting much better at saying no when I need to. In the past where I might have taken something on just because I was starstruck that a particular brand wanted to work with me, I now know to first make sure I’ll be getting the same value as they are out of the relationship. People often don’t realise the time, creative thought process and resources that go into one ‘simple’ picture. This means less but more fulfilling work and more time for my family.”

What 3 songs would be at the top of a playlist to ‘pump you up’?

“I’m probably showing my age sharing these but here are three songs that always make me want to turn the volume up really loud:

Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins

Better Man – Pearl Jam

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

What is your favourite Obus piece and why do you love it?

“Every year Obus release a quilted coat and they are always absolutely magical! I’m lucky enough to have a couple in my collection and I just love everything about them. They are the perfect weight for winter (not too heavy, not too light) and they are always in the most beautiful prints. It is so fun wearing a bright, happy coat in the depths of a Melbourne winter rather than a boring black puffer (although they have their place too!)”

Looking ahead, what projects do you have in the works that excite you?

“One exciting thing about doing what I do is that I never know what email is going to pop into my inbox from one day to the next with a request for content creation. I love meeting new businesses this way. I also have ongoing relationships with some amazing businesses who I will continue to work with this year. It can be tricky not knowing exactly what creative projects are coming up but that’s what keeps it interesting! The spice of life and all that! Oh and I really want to learn how to paint this year. That’s a personal project I have in the works.”

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