Nomad Chocolate x Nina C Sees Easter Shoot

Working with Aussie small businesses is always a pleasure, but when they make delicious products, it’s extra special! There’s nothing quite like being able to eat and drink the shoot props. Perks of my job I guess. The kids weren’t complaining either when I came home with a bunch of chocolate eggs. Here is a sneak peek of some of the photos I styled and shot for Nomad Chocolate.

I’ve spoken about this awesome brand in previous blog posts but just to give you a quick bacstory of the brand again… Nadja, owner of Nomad, was offered a hot chocolate when travelling around South America and it changed her life trajectory. It was differently to anything she’d tasted previously and left her craving more. So long story short she was driven to recreate this flavour and experience and bring it home for others to enjoy, committing to ethical and sustainable practices and the highest quality.

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